Afghan Hound Actor



For more information, call Terre at 323-379-2122

Adar’s Experience

Film, television network program, television commercial, music video, print ad, model, calendar and book

For more information, call Terre at 323-379-2122

Adar Details

6 years of age

Tall, neutered male

Tan, white, black with red

Solid Cues (verbal and hand): sit, stay, shake, down, speak, heel, come

Works well with animals and people on live-action sets

Works best on leash in open sets; off-leash OK on closed sets

Works well in noisy environments

Works well with props

Comfortable in vehicles

Sweet personality, easygoing, loves to work and play

Advanced training, Canine Good Citizen Award, Therapy Dog Training, US Service Dog Registry

Terre Moshé, Owner/Handler – 909-240-5668

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